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April 18, 2016

MBS... And back to reality

The past three days and two nights have been incredible; the hotel had seemed like just any other I've been to at first, but more surprises had kept popping up around every corner. From the complimentary chocolates and fruits to the amazing night view from the glass windows/walls, and even the feather soft beds and pillows with their fluffy yet warm blankets, there was no other place I'd liked to have stayed in besides here.

The swimming pool gave me a fantastic view of the city; too bad I could barely see it though (didn't have my glasses on at the time).

The bathroom was a whole other matter. While I really regret not having the opportunity to take a soak in the huge AF tub, I really loved how spacious and organized everything was. From the towels to the toiletries, everything was perfectly laid out and it just gave me such a good feeling inside (': the ledge in the shower for putting toiletries was (surprisingly, the other hotels can't compare) wide enough for me to place my glasses there, something I haven't been able to do at other hotels, which usually results in me precariously balancing it on some other surface and it dropping, and hopefully not smashing. Hah .

Gosh. I really hope I can come back one day; I wanna see the night sky again through those windows and sleep in that soft and warm bed again. One day, I hope I'll earn enough so that even if I were to show up there, in that hotel, I wouldn't appear to be out of place at all.

Till then, I'll miss you, MBS.
 Pretty sunrise on the way to school OuO

Another sunrise xD
 Sunrise x Singapore Flyer ovo
Key cards xD
More keycards (?)
Tea is awesome
View while walking to Marina Square :3
We were supposed to eat at this cafe orz
Polaroid for forever memories x3

Birthday cake for uncle and aunt! ^^

They pushed it in on this cart omg

Selfie!! :D

Another selfie haha

Chocolates are love

Dang, how'd they fold it like that?

Fruit basket of fruits I don't eat oops

Idk I found this rly cool

Poolside view :3

This drawer is really pretty for some reason