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April 18, 2016

Day One

Today was the first day of MSC's training. I got into MSC ops hahaha gg but my colleagues seem nice enough (at least Vamprys Jie Jie is there for me to tickle during awkward moments HAHA) But yeah. The other guy seems cool too! (:

It's kinda sad that I couldn't get into the same place as *coughssomeonecoughs* but at least Hui Min is in the same place as me eek x3

First day = killer. Hahaha no other way to describe it man. Even putting my panic attack over the team building thing aside, there seems to be a lot I'm supposed to do?? Like I need to help the other two with their stuff too and like my brain legit nearly died on me just now during the handover haha why did I choose marketing again...

Oh right. Because it seems fun. And I can take pictures of people without them knowing (; which I'm supposed to do... For publicity purposes... (I swear I'm not a stalker) HAHA so yes. Hopefully it gets better soon.

And I hope I get used to the temperature; I'd rather freeze than have cockroaches in the office. Ew.

There was something else that I was gonna add but I forgot?? Nvm then HAHA

-Kuri ♡