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April 24, 2016

End of Week One

It's finally the end of week one. I never thought I could hang on despite being so damn busy.

But the new colleagues are mostly awesome AF. God, I love most of them already. Joking and laughing and teasing each other... Life is good.

Except for the stress. Haha (':

But HE is there. And HE chose the locker below mine bc apparently his is spoilt (erm I checked; it wasn't spoilt.) Well he's also the in charge for the cashier and all that so that means he has to come down to the room a lot. Everyday, to be exact. For seven weeks, I'll almost definitely see him everyday. Giddy with excitement ahh x//3

He smiles so cutely FML it should be a crime to be that good looking orz my heart can't maintain around him haha.

I know I'll probably look back on this post in the future and be like wtf but just let me bask in the glory of love for a while longer ;v; even tho it's practically impossible between us HAHA //sobs

Ah wells. At least he's around to help me hold myself together. I don't even know why I like him that much, but let's just forget it for the time being bc I really don't wanna write an essay on that (':

But yes. That's basically the first week in a nutshell. Feels longer though. Maybe cause time lost its meaning for me somewhere along the way (':

See you in the next post then, where I'll probably still be ranting about feelings (':