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December 14, 2009

Trip to Genting!!!XD

Yesterday,I jus came back from Genting.We reach home at 11plus cos my dad still ask us to take taxi go his office to collect his lorry lor.When I saw my parents put the luggage in the taxi,I panicked and dashed across the road.I got such a big scolding from them lor.When we reached home,I bathed and msg Jiaqi and Lee San ask whether wanna go watch 'Storm Warriors' with me...Then it was time to sleep.Walau,on the aircon like on a heater leh...Feel like in an oven like that.So,cannot sleep almost the whole night.Somemore hor,my mother keep kicking,hitting and pulling me in her sleep..Haizzzzz.....Anyways back to Genting...On Friday,my dad arrived at Genting.We were all in the hotel then when my dad arrived,he complained very hungry,so my mother quickly called the Mushroom Garden bus service.They say 5min will reach so we hurry up and rush down.But we still have to wait so long for the bus lor.When we finally reach there,we quickly ordered our food and luckily,the food very fast come.We had fried egg,drunken prawns,sweet and sour pork,vegetables(yuk!!!)and others.Then got one irratating cat come and keep meowing at the table where we were eating.So we gave it some chicken.But it wouldn't go away and kept staring at us.So scary...After lunch,Joshua and I bought pop-pops(5 boxes)Joshua started throwing them at me but I wanted to wait till we were back in the hotel before throwing them at him.After we rested a while,we went to a cyber cafe again.After that we had dinner at a food court near the Market Food Street.After that,we watched a movie(Storm Warriors)I found it quite ok so I think I'll watch it again.After that,we went to the cyber cafe again...zzz...It's getting more and more boring up here.2 hours later,we bought supper and went back to the hotel to watch DVDs on my portable DVD player till 3plus.The next morning,we woke up quite late,so we hurriedlybathed then went to Coffee Terrace since we had the 20% off voucher.But it could only work at night,so we went to a western food place for pizzas,nuggets,chicken wings,spaggetti,tomato soup and garlic bread.Walau,I really eat till raise white flag leh.Got alot of food lor.Altogther cost 165 plus ringgit leh!!!OMG!!!So ex!!!After that we went back htel a while cos my stomach very pain.Sorry to Joshua cos actually he wanted to go to the theme park...Then we went to the bowling alley to play bowling.Haizzzzz.....I keep getting gutterball...:(Then after many games(Joshua wanna play one),we went to the food court beside the bowling alley for dinner.I ate ramen,and a can of lychee drink and plain water(the ramen very spicy).After that,we went to the arcade before going to the cyber cafe again.Then supper and DVDs again(I not so sure wat DVDs we watched on which nights)till 3plus again.Then the next morning(yesterday),we bathed,packed our things and went downstairs to check-out.Then we met up with my parent's and Joshua's father's friends whohad jus arrived.There were 4 adults and 2 children who are siblings.Actually,the kids are pretty good friends of Joshua and I.They were waiting to check into the hotel so they could not join us for lunch(what a pity...)We thne dropped off our luggage and went to Hou Mei to eat.Oh yeah, before that we went an event and I won a 10 ringgit meal voucher.My dad won a really nice postcard and Joshua won a pack of cards:).We then went to Genting Rewards Gallery to exchage things for the vouchers my mom had whil my dad queued up.She chose a bottle of perfume(255ringgit,250 in vouchers,so only 5 ringgit in money)Joshua and his dad took like almost forever to shop and in the end only buy one or two shirts(Groan...Worse than women!!!)When we finally went back to Hou Mei,we quickly ordered our food and luckil,their service very fast.Then my mother went to collect the coach tickets and we collected our luggage.Then we bought 3 bottles of water.(2 for us and 1 for Joshua and his father).We travelled on and on till we stopped and my moter got off to buy some things along with other people.The ret of us jus slept.When we reached the eating place,I ate a burger and we later went to ask the CD shop whether they got sell Tao Hua Xiao Mei.(I bought Twilight,New Moon,2012 and Christmas Carol there when we went there before going to Genting)When I asked my mother whether can buy 100 plus,my mother was like so kua zhang lor.She keep yelling at me that it was too fattening...(Not fair...):(Then she buy some food then we board the bus already.After crossing the customs which is very long,we reached Kovan not long after...And well,you know the rest(at the front of this post)

If I remember anything else,I will add it in...
Bye bye for now
Crystal Lim ~