Heart Chat Bubble

March 24, 2017


When will I ever feel good enough about myself..? Everyday it's the same old thing, wake up, eat, sleep. Will I ever achieve anything in my life? Who would even miss me when I'm gone? To be more exact, who would even notice? Everyone is just so wrapped up in their own lives; I shouldn't get in their way… But yet all I want is attention. Just enough… To let me know I'm not alone. That there's a reason for me to fight.

But it's selfish.

It's selfish when everyone else has their own lives to lead and it's selfish that I demand their time when they so barely have enough for themselves.

It's selfish that I want someone to only love me, to treat me as though I were something precious. It's selfish that I cannot return the same kind of love and affection to another because I'm already working so hard just to find the courage to love myself.

It's selfish… That I exist on this world, a tiny speck of dust in the great nothingness that is life.

People come and go. I understand. But sometimes… I just wish they'd stay. Just stay with me and let me know that one day, everything will fall into place.

That one day, I'll truly find peace with myself.