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April 12, 2016

Presentation Day

Hello again! ♥

Today was our first presentation for BRC hahaha thank the heavens its over (? as if; there's another presentation on Thursday fml) I kinda cheated a little on the report cause I picked the media industry for my industry study hahaha *refers to lecture notes*

It wasn't that bad tbh; I guess the worst part was when I went over the allotted timing ;w; but anyways! We have shifted to a new room!! The computers here are so fast omg ♥ But we're shifting again in like two days (? Day after tomorrow??) so like... I guess I'll enjoy this while I can HAHA.

Also, I gave up on finding an EXO cursor to my liking fml. The heart one is cute enough so nvm HAHA (':

I guess I'll get back to watching We Bare Bears now, so see ya'll (? Do I even have reader(s) haha) in the next post! ♥

-Kuri ♥