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October 28, 2009

On sun,I forgot to write that I jus came back from Genting...On the day of the trip,we woke up at 5 plus.My father then sent my mother and I to the taxi stand near Tampines MRT where the coach was waiting.We were already late!!!(ohmigosh!!!)Once we had loaded the luggage onto the bus,we left 4 Genting while my father went to work.On the way,I felt like falling asleep but dunno why cannnot fall asleep leh...When we finally reached Genting around 12.30,I was dead tired but we still ad to go to the tour counter to check in to First World Hotel.By the time we checked in,it was 3 plus!!!:(when we finally reached our room which was so far away from the lift,(curse the stupid guy who gave us such a far-away room!!!)I plopped down on the bed once we went into the room.I was dog-tired and tried 2 fall asleep,but still cannot(haizzz...)After a while,we went shopping and played bowling.After that,we went to watch a movie...(cannot remember the name liao)After that,I went to the cyber cafe 4 2h.Then we went back to the hotel.The next day, I was in the hotel room when the doorbell rang.It was my dad!!!Excitedly,I opened the door.I know it had only been a day since I last saw him,but it seemed like a few years!!!(seriously,I relly love my parents!!!)That night,we went to sing at the 'Be A Star' karaoke.I didn't really dare to sing even though only my parents were there.Finally,I managed to sing a few songs.I think I sang terribly lor.(*sigh*)The next day,we booked tickets to watch a show called 'Dazzle'.There were many people acting.There was even an invisible man!!!There was a guy who did both the invisible man and a person who made amazing shadows with his hands!!!Then we went back to the hotel room and slept.The next day,we went home.
(If I remember anything else,I will add it in)
Bye Bye for now,